Mac OS X killed my Garmin!

My GPSMAP 60CSx had started to become unreliable: crashing after startup, randomly locking up in mid route, and just generally being an aggravating piece of kit. I was really close to replacing it.

The problem seemed to appear after I’d used USB Mass Storage to transfer archived track logs to the computer. As a last resort, I tried removing the hidden files that OS X creates on every removable disk, and now all is well. It’s annoying and inexcusable that Apple chooses to do this, but we work around.

To delete these files from the terminal and eject the device safely, enter these commands:

pushd /Volumes/GARMIN/
rm -rf .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ._.Trashes .fseventsd
disktool -e disk1

Your device might not be called /Volumes/GARMIN/, so check and change appropriately. If you have multiple drives on your machine, your GPS is probably not the disk1 device. You can find out which it is by entering disktool -l.

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I had this same problem initially with my Garmin Etrex Legend HCx. It disappeared after one of the firmware upgrades through Garmin Webupdater app for Mac. There is also a setting to prevent Apple Spotlight from indexing an attached USB drive:

sudo mdutil -i off /Volumes//GARMIN

Blueharvest costs money. This doesn’t.

Firefishy, I did the same, but the problems happened again after using USB mass storage mode. I’m also using the latest firmware.

Thanks for thins bit of information. I am on holiday in Menorca and noticed my 60csx was acting up today. I had downloaded track logs yesterday for geotagging on the MacBook Pro. Normally not a problem at home as I have Blue Harvest on the Mac Pro so the problem hasn’t t materialized before. I have just cleaned the Garmin with a newly installed Blue Harvest so hopefully should be ok now. Thanks once again, saved me a lot of head scratching.

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