Toronto Data really open

Looks like the data sets at might finally actually be open; that is, usable in a way that doesn’t bind subsequent users to impossible terms. The new licence (which unfortunately is behind a squirrelly link) basically just requires you to put a reference to this paragraph somewhere near your data/application/whatever:

Contains public sector Datasets made available under the City of Toronto’s Open Data Licence v2.0.

and a link to the licence, where possible.

Gone are the revocation clauses, which really prevented any open use before, because they would require you to track down all the subsequent users of the data and get them to stop. Good. I think we can now use the data in OpenStreetMap.

While commenting on the licence’s squirrelly URL — I mean, could you remember — I stumbled upon the comedy gold that is the City of Toronto Comments Wall log. There goes my planned reading for the day.

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