TIL: fosm is still a thing

Update, 2020-09-13: seems no longer to exist:

Oh my: still exists — Like OpenStreetMap, but more out of date

fosm shouldn’t really be a thing still. It only exists because some people didn’t like the terms of the licence change. Guided by the principles of maximum free software drama, they forked OSM (it was CC-BY-SA at the time) and created fosm.

Thing is, the licence change was in 2012. Most of the fosm data in my neighbourhood looks untouched since then. It’s a fork that’s, um, forked. I remember meeting someone who was so convinced that OSM was going to fail with the new licence, they were saying stuff like “fosm’s gonna drown you guys!”

In the words of Drive-by abuser: 🛵📢 fosm, yeah? Why not, though, eh? It’s your life, innit?